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Whether you're a wedding guest, mother of the bride or someone looking for bridesmaid dresses; to find a perfect dress isn’t easy. Brides already have a lot on their plates and are always looking for ways to get things done the easy and quick way. But choosing a dress that your best girls will be comfortable in and happy wearing all day, while sticking to your own style and vision? It's still a tough task. With so many online websites offering a huge collection of dresses, it is difficult to choose from.

The go thing today is the convertible dresses. Many brides are getting convertible dresses for their bridesmaid. Most of the wedding dresses are very expensive and are usually worn only once by some of the bridesmaids. If you are not familiar with the concept of convertible dresses, allow me to describe it for you. It is a relatively simple notion that has taken the women's fashion industry by storm across the globe.

Bridesmaids Dresses

A convertible dress allows you to take the basic impression of any dress and create it out of one single piece of material. One dress can be worn in more than 10 different ways. If you think this is difficult or confusing let me tell you this is not tough at all. There are dozens of online guides that help you learn how to create halter styles, strapless dresses, sleeveless dresses, capped sleeve dresses and so many more. Literally, no matter what type of dress you are feeling in the mood for it can be created through your convertible dress.

Recently, I stumbled across an online shop that offers an amazing collection of convertible custom made dresses. is a stunning infinity dress online shop. Each convertible dress is custom made to colour and size. The dress found here can be worn in infinite ways depending on how creative you want to be with it. You can wear it like straight dress or a butterfly dress or high-low dress or floor length gown.

Apart from convertible dresses, also offers other varieties of dresses for all other occasions. From a convertible maxi dress ideal for your baby shower to a short dress for your prom day, this website’s got it all. From cute little dresses for your flower girls to skirts and dress innerwear’s, you can find it here. This website also offers Bridal Accessories like bow-tie’s too. The dresses here are available in all colors and sizes and you can find your favourite dresses in plus sizes too...

Here are few dresses that caught my eye:-

1. The Pink Convertible Infinity Dress

If your best friend is getting married and you are looking for a dress to make the statement but don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, this is exactly what you should be purchasing. This dress can be worn in infinite different ways. You can turn it into a one sleeve short dress and wear it to a party or wear it as a maxi dress to a romantic date.




2. The Full Length Black & White Infinity Dress

This is the perfect dress if you are looking to make heads turn. With a white top and a black long skirt, this is perfect as a formal wear to your office party or as a dress for your birthday. I am a big fan of this dress.


3. The Bridesmaid High Low Infinity Dress

Here is a dress which is perfect for your bridesmaids. High low dresses are the new thing and many brides are choosing these types of dresses for their bridesmaids. These dresses are available in all colours too and you can choose one to suit your wedding theme.

High low red dress bridesmaid

4) Purple wrap around convertible dress

I seriously love this colour. Years ago, I had watched a video online where one girl converts her simple dress into various other dresses. At that time I was searching for that dress but couldn’t find it. Today, I found that dress. It is this purple dress. This convertible dress can be converted and worn at least in 7 different ways. So you can repeat the dress with a different style for every occasion without anyone noticing it.

purple bridesmaid dress

5) High Low Convertible dress

If you’re planning to get married by the beach or having a calm theme, this is the bridesmaid dress you should be choosing. This high low gown can be converted and worn in many other styles. So your bridesmaids can be all classy for the ceremony and all sexy for the reception.

bridesmaid dress high low

6) Long classy cum sexy gown

Another fantastic piece of art is this gown. In today’s weddings you will find most of the bridesmaids and family of the bridegroom wearing gowns. Long gowns not only make a classy style statement but also give you a wow factor. These two convertible beauties are perfect examples of it.

bridesmiad dress full length blue

full length dress blue ships all their dresses with fast air express, such as, UPS, DHL and are shipped worldwide. All of these dresses are elegant and are handmade with soft fabric. There are coupon codes available and you can get your favourite dress at a discounted rate too. To find coupon codes you can check their Facebook page. Here are some reviews about the dresses from their customers:-

Head over to their website now!

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  1. What an excellent idea. Apart from the versatility for use after the wedding, it can be worn in different ways to suit a bridesmaid's shape and size.


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