Wedding Finances & Checklist

So, recently one of my readers got in touch with me and was kind enough to share something that will be great resource for bride-to-be's all around the world.

Laura works at U.S Tax Center which is an organisation dedicated to offering easy-to-read tax information to help citizens navigate the confusing road to managing their finances. They also offer e-filing services, tips and tricks for filing and information about the common problems citizens face while doing their taxes. They created this infographic to help couples keep their finances on their big day.

Laura got engaged recently. I am grateful that she shared this great information with me and the readers of Wedding Maniac.

Wedding Finances & Checklist Wedding Finances & Checklist Reviewed by Felicia Nazareth on 3:07:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. Great thought that is the reason there is a saying sharing is a caring..

  2. Helpful information for the bride and groome. I have heard such horror stories after the wedding because financially the couple were not properly prepared. It did indeed come down to not having the knowledge.
    This post takes it even further preparing for life after the wedding and how to handle the task a responsible couple should. Thanks for sharing Felicia


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