The Ultimate Guide For Spring Brides

A bride to be has so many mixed feeling when it comes to her D-day! Looking your best is always a concern, so all you pretty brides gear up for looking perfect and remember, “Earlier the better”! Some women are genetically blessed with good skin and need not worry too much about various skin care treatments but for those who have to deal with acne or pimples, it can be nerve racking!

Keep a check on your weight! Being overweight is another issue that can really pull you down. Women who are overweight need to follow a strict diet chart and exercise as well if they want to look fit on that special day. It is important to set certain goals so that things turn out the way you have dreamed they would. 

Tiny detailing goes a long way! This implies to all the brides to be. Don’t forget to groom your hands and feet as well because the focus would be on them on your wedding day. Simple tips can do wonders in order to look picture perfect!

I’m sure you all must have heard the age old saying” Diamonds are a women’s best friend”! How about diamonds for your face? It sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well, we have a refreshing video meant for all the lovely brides to be, that would help you shine on that special day! A diamond facial can turn out to be an excellent facial treatment idea for dull skin. The gentle diamond scrub exfoliates the dead skin and a fresh layer of skin appears on your face that looks absolutely supple. Remember to pop in a multi-vitamin regularly because as they say, if you are healthy from within, it shows on your hair and skin! 

The diamond dust massage cream is followed by the scrub which is yet again a wonderful way to increase the blood circulation on your face, giving your skin that natural blush. Did you know that the diamond dust particles gently remove dead skin cells? It is also known as a skin brightening agent? Fine lines and wrinkles too disappear with the help of this magical facial. A diamond pack would help tightening the skin. A glowing skin is the end result of this rejuvenating facial! Shine bright on your wedding with a diamond facial. Do watch this video to know more!

Are you aware about the benefits of green tea? If you are not, this lovely drink is meant for all you brides. Green tea has its own ways to work on your body to make you look slim and fit. Wonder how? Well, it helps detoxify the system and in the process makes your skin glow as well due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Green tea is rich in vitamin-C that wards away any kind of recurrent cold and flu. Women troubled with acne should consume this drink because it reduces any kind of skin infection. You must consider having a cup or two each day and slowly but surely the results would surprise you! A healthy diet alongside some exercise would make a difference.

Let's see the Bridal makeup!

This is most important part of the grooming process for a bride. One can’t go wrong here! Some women like a more natural look whereas others want bright colors to complete their look for their wedding. This is of coarse a completely personal choice! Once you have mastered the art of a perfect skin care regime, it’s time to use the right cosmetics for your skin tone. Use a primer before applying a foundation. Why? The reason is simple! A matte primer helps to keep the foundation on for a longer period of time which I’m sure brides will need. 

Don’t forget your lips! Keep applying some good balm or moisturizer to keep them supple before your wedding. Go in for a good concealer so that all your last minute blemishes or dark circles are hidden. For a more natural look, you can go in for a bronze eye shadow over the lids. Let your eyes do all the talking by using a white liner in the inner corners of your eyes to make them look big and bright on that special day. Use a black gel liner to define your eyes and finish with some mascara.

All brides blush on their wedding! In case you need a little more, brush you cheeks with a baby pink color. Lip color can vary from person to person. If you want a subtle look, then go in for light pinks or purples and apply a lip gloss over the shade. If you are in love with bright colors, have fun with reds, maroons or even right magenta's.

I hope this video with a few guidelines would help you look absolutely ravishing on your wedding day! Begin your new journey with confidence and tie the knot.

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Surbhi am a girl in her twenties, trying to discover herself in an exciting manner and wish to get surprised by every move of her life.She says, "Writing for me, I believe, relieves stress, helps me concentrate better, and let me re-invent myself. It enchants me like Meditation which stimulates the deepest recess of my brain and thus lets me harness the energy hitherto lying unused. It has the power to heal and  to understand better. It broadens my vision and gives wings to the figment of my imagination. I, therefore, believe in the power of analyzing myself and someday finds out a better human in me."

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